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Vaccine mandates could make staff quit, says one exec who wants workers to get their shots but fears a mandate is too risky during the labor shortage

A masked waiter serves meals for two clients by the statue of Fernando Pessoa outside A Brasileira Cafe in Rua Garrett during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic on May 27, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal

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Pressure on companies to introduce vaccine mandates is mounting amid the spread of the Delta variant.

Staff at tech giants Uber, Google, and Facebook need to be vaccinated before they can return to the office, while Houston Methodist Hospital hit the headlines in late March after it became one of the first hospitals to mandate vaccines.

A home healthcare-agency exec told CNN that he’d like to require his staff to get the jab, too. However, he fears that some would quit over the policy and can’t afford to lose workers details ⇒

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